K Dalton is a married father of three, Medical Photographer specializing in Ophthalmic Photography in Edmonton Alberta. His interest in photography started at a young age, first using his fathers Baldina RF while saving for his first 35mm SLR at 12 years old. He still has the original Pentax system he aquired so long ago.

After graduation he work for a number of studios in and around Alberta before opening his own. After many years the age of "consumer" digital photography took it's toll and closing down the studio became the only viable solution. An oportunity to step into Medical Photography allowed him to stay in the field of photography while opening a door to a completely different field. After a time the "creative juices" again began to flow, he aquired digital equipment and "joined the dark side" as they say.

What you find in these collections is a sampling of what has become his main interest in photography, "for the joy of it". His interest in classic automobiles is reflected in the Fine Art Gallery,"rolling sculptures as they say" The galleries will be up-dated as new, interesting images become available.